Automobile Manufacturers – Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company logo is shown during the firm's annual meeting of shareholders in WilmingtonThe Ford Motor Company, most commonly referred to as Ford, is an American automobile manufacturer based in Michigan and is the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Founded by Henry Ford, Ford has been manufacturing automobiles since the early 1900’s. One of their greatest accomplishments was the creation of the Ford Model T. First built in 1908, it went on to sell millions of units over the following twenty years.

Although headquartered in the United States, Ford currently manufactures vehicles all over the world. Their vehicles can be found in locations such as North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. In addition to manufacturing vehicles for the every day consumer, Ford has also manufactured tractors and buses in the past. Their focus has however reverted back to the every day driver market.

The company is renowned for building good quality, practical cars, SUV’s and pickup trucks. Indeed, the Ford F Series has been the best selling vehicle in the Unites States since 1981 and the best selling pickup truck since 1977.

Whilst being dominant in the pickup truck sector, they have also been very successful at building small, medium and large sized cars and SUV’s for individuals and families. Ford’s current models such as the Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Escape and Edge are tremendously popular throughout North America and offer a reliable and affordable vehicle for all demographics.

Their most iconic vehicle, longed for by car enthusiasts around the world, is the Ford Mustang, originally introduced in 1964. The Mustang’s design has evolved over the past fifty years, however it has not strayed very far from the original two door design, with sleek body lines and unmistakable power from the impressive engine. Ford continues to manufacture the Mustang today and it remains one of the best selling sports cars year after year.